PAS TuneWizard™

Optimize Production with Robust Control Loop Performance


Instrumentation issues and improperly tuned PID controllers lead to process instability and impact safety and profitability. PAS TuneWizard™ is a free application that quickly and accurately quantifies the root causes of poorly performing control loops. Using TuneWizard, personnel can remediate controller issues to ensure safe, compliant, and profitable operations.


  • Identifies poorly performing valves and sensors
  • Evaluates robustness of loop tuning parameters
  • Simulates new controller settings to minimize trial and error
  • Quantifies effects of common control issues to prioritize maintenance activities
  • Facilitates tuning parameter development for multiple control strategies


  • Facilitates diagnostic testing and proper tuning of control loops
  • Provides intuitive interface that broadens number of plant personnel who can safely tune loops
  • Eliminates time spent on guesswork tuning
  • Lowers operating & maintenance costs by identifying deficient controller hardware
  • Delivers accurate tuning documentation and reporting

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