PAS High Performance HMI™

Improve Safety and Performance with Effective Operator Graphics


The console operator graphic is the window to the process and the primary means for monitoring and assessing plant safety and production performance in real-time. Proper Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design greatly improves situation awareness, reduces operator workload and enables the operator to optimize production and mitigate abnormal situations effectively.

The PAS High Performance HMI approach transforms traditional operator displays into intuitive information visualization with actionable intelligence. PAS has developed an industry-recognized 7-Step methodology for the practical design and implementation of High Performance HMIs.

PAS High Performance HMI design and implementation services:

  • Deliver hierarchical displays with progressive exposure of essential information
  • Improve cognitive processing of information by grouping and chunking relevant information
  • Include specialized pattern recognition objects that enable early identification of emerging abnormal situations
  • Incorporate decision support information within displays


  • Improves safety and profitability by enabling operators to rapidly identify and mitigate emerging abnormal situations
  • Reduces operator workload and fatigue
  • Improves operator situation awareness
  • Reduces incident response time with actionable information

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