Alarm Management

With PAS PlantState Integrity™ Mitigate Operations Risk Through Improved Operator Situation Awareness


Poorly performing alarm systems, plagued by alarm floods, inaccurate alarms, and disabled alarms, diminish situation awareness and negatively impact plant production and safety. PlantState Integrity enables effective alarm management to improve operator situation awareness by providing actionable information to help mitigate abnormal situations and ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations.

PlantState Integrity, combined with our widely adopted 7-Step Alarm Management Methodology, provides a holistic solution to benchmark and optimize alarm system performance.

PlantState Integrity software capabilities include:

  • Alarm & Event Analysis
  • Documentation & Rationalization
  • Audit & Enforce
  • Dynamic Alarming
  • Alert Director
  • 100+ system interfaces


  • Improves situation awareness, decision support, and operator effectiveness
  • Reduces operator loading and fatigue
  • Delivers insight into emerging abnormal situations
  • Reduces the number of unplanned shutdowns
  • Increases production throughput
  • Helps drive compliance with alarm management standards and best practices such as ISA-18.2 and EEMUA 191

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Alarm & Event Analysis

  • Facilitates compliance with ISA 18.2/IEC 62682 alarm system performance reporting and KPIs
  • Streamlines resolution of nuisance alarms with Alarm Mechanic
  • Includes a dashboard with pre-configured and customizable KPIs
  • Enables comprehensive understanding of process safety leading indicator performance
  • Accommodates mission critical activities, such as shift handovers and HAZOPs
  • Provides the ability for third-party applications to consume analytics, enhancing process safety and operational dashboards

Alarm Documentation & Rationalization

  • Facilitates compliance with ISA 18.2/IEC 62682 alarm documentation requirements
  • Delivers unmatched productivity in rationalizing alarms
  • Maintains an accurate and up-to-date master alarm database
  • Ensures consistent prioritization in accordance with an alarm philosophy document
  • Allows operators to easily view rationalized alarm information on demand
  • Provides information to other applications, such as operational excellence dashboards or other Industrie 4.0 uses, through flexible query capabilities

Audit & Enforce

  • Ensures control system is compliant with Master Alarm Database (MADB)
  • Integrated with state-based alarming and shelving capabilities to ensure accurate results
  • Identifies discrepancies between MADB and Alarm System
  • Enforces company policy for addressing identified discrepancies by automatic or manual override

Dynamic Alarming

  • Detects the current operating mode and optionally enforces approved parameter values to the automation system
  • Enhances delivery of alarm response information to the context of the current operating mode
  • Fully integrated with Audit & Enforce and shelving capabilities
  • Ensures situation awareness by reducing nuisance alarms that are not appropriate for the current operating mode