Enable Remote Operations

Ensure safe, continuous industrial operations from remote locations


Gone are the days when engineering staff have easy, unlimited access to control rooms in industrial facilities. In today’s world, onsite access to industrial control rooms can be quickly constrained due to global issues, travel restrictions, threats to industrial facility physical security, severe weather, or other geopolitical conflict.

Hexagon solutions support business-critical remote operations. Effective remote operations require access to real-time asset, process, and plant information from anywhere at any time. Engineers and operators can use this information to improve process safety, asset utilization, and cybersecurity. They are also more prepared to prevent – or quickly recover from – downtime. Hexagon software solutions support remote operations capabilities for many of the world’s leading industrial organizations, providing business-critical visibility to reduce process safety risks, remediate cyber threats, and make more confident decisions that rely on OT data – regardless of physical location.

  • PlantState Integrity™ analyzes data from disparate sources to provide critical safety and production information.
  • Cyber Integrity™ delivers comprehensive inventory, vulnerability, configuration, compliance, backup and recovery, and risk management for OT assets.
  • Automation Integrity™ collects and contextualizes OT/ICS configurations and automates change management.
  • Decision Integrity™ enables trusted data for decision-making.

Use Cases

  • Maintain visibility into day-to-day operations during a global pandemic
  • Provide continuous visibility into alarm system performance
  • Identify process anomalies
  • Ensure day-to-day control system operational integrity
  • Maintain OT asset cyber risk visibility regardless of location
  • Shift from local to remote daily production “standup” meetings facilitated by KPIs and reports from Hexagon software
  • Generate reports to demonstrate NERC CIP compliance for transient cyber assets (TCA)
  • Identify safety instrumented function (SIF) dependencies prior to approving maintenance work orders
  • Conduct daily reviews of control system configuration changes to identify issues that could lead to production upsets
  • Identify control loop problems and scheduling remediation tasks
  • Monitor critical security settings (open ports, failed logins, etc.) for changes that materially increase risk

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