• Recorded Webinar: Are We Safe to Run the Plant?

    The fundamental question every operations manager needs to answer is “Are we safe to run the plant?” While it sounds simple, many variables help answer this question including understanding the operational state of your safety instrumented systems (SIS) and other independent protection layers (IPL). Companies often struggle with real-time visibility into the state of IPL because critical information is trapped within multiple systems and spreadsheets. Most employ manual processes to gather necessary data and build a profile of plant ope... View >

  • Recorded Webinar: Introducing PlantState Suite 8.0

    Featuring the industry's first operational risk dashboard, PSS 8.0 provides plant managers and operators with centralized alarm system, control loop, boundary, and other operational analytics for improved situation awareness, plant safety, and profitability. PSS 8.0 also features operational boundary-based opportunity cost tracking and advanced event analytics. In this session, we'll provide an overview of the new PSS 8.0 features, including:Operational Risk Dashboard: Provides opera... View >

  • Recorded Webinar: Alarm Management - 7 Steps in 45 Minutes

    Poorly performing alarm systems - plagued by high alarm rates, periodic alarm floods, nuisance alarms, and uncontrolled alarm suppression - diminish operator situation awareness and impact plant production and safety. An effective alarm system optimization strategy combines proven methodology, knowledgeable plant personnel, and standards-based automation technology.  In this session, we present a 45-minute condensed review of the PAS 7-Step Alarm Management Methodology. We provide step-by-step highlights and take a closer look at S... View >

  • Recorded Webinar: Understanding High Performance HMI Principles and Best Practices

    Find out about principles and best practices for process control systems with a computer-based HMI. Foundational to understanding the recently revised ANSI/ISA-101 standard requirements, we'll explore HPHMI principles and best practices. View >

  • Recorded Webinar: Developing a Plan of Action: Guidelines for Implementing an HPHMI Strategy

    In this follow-up to our first webinar in the series, we'll review practical methods to implement a High Performance HMI strategy. We'll examine the evolving ANSI/ISA-101 standard, summarizing exactly what you need to know.   View >

  • Recorded Webinar: Pushing Process Limits Without Compromising Safety

    How can operating teams push processes to their optimal limits while maximizing safety and minimizing environmental impact?  While operating inside safe boundaries sounds simple, modern control systems (DCS, SCADA, etc.) are not designed to track boundaries other than process alarms. Indeed, alarms limits and activation rates are enough of a challenge to control; visualization, management and control of operational boundaries is even more complex although very much interwoven with these alarms. Consolidating operatio... View >