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PAS Unveils New Customer Product Support Program Offering

PSP Plus provides remote system and software management services for increased human reliability

July 23, 2013

Houston, Texas, USA — July 23, 2013 – PAS, a leading provider of human reliability software and services to the power and processing industries worldwide, today announced a new product support program offering, PSP Plus.
PSP Plus provides an enhanced support solution for PAS’ PlantState Suite™ and Integrity™ software customers. Features include robust remote monitoring and diagnostics reporting, software upgrade management, access to subject matter experts, on-site services, PAS University training, and a dedicated Customer Care support representative. PSP Plus is available as an add-on to PAS’ standard product support program, PSP.
“I am excited about the release of our PSP Plus as the first step toward PAS’ managed services offering, where the customer can focus on productivity through the use of and not the management of software.” said Karim Moti, Director of Software as a Service.
PSP Plus provides a complete package to remotely monitor and manage PAS’ installed software at client sites and perform updates and upgrades. It allows industrial plant personnel to transfer the system management responsibilities to PAS’ Customer Care support team who will proactively monitor and manage the system in a secure environment.
“I wanted the best possible service to support the product.  We believe that PSP Plus will help us operate more safely, more productively, and more cost effectively,” said Mark McDonald, Manager, Capital Projects & Control Systems of Vectren.

About Human Reliability
Human Reliability is the practice of optimizing human performance in complex systems and situations. Human Reliability develops practices and procedures to minimize error and maximize the resilience of systems through the use of user-centered and error-tolerant design and procedures.
About PAS
PAS specializes in human reliability software solutions for the power and process plants worldwide to enhance plant safety, compliance and profitability by providing essential information within context to allow the plant operator maximum situation awareness and reduce plant vulnerabilities. PAS’ comprehensive portfolio solutions include alarm management, automation configuration management, control loop performance optimization, and high-performance human machine interfaces. PAS solutions are installed in over 1000 industrial plants worldwide. For more information, visit