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PAS Brings Focus to “Human Reliability"

Human Reliability offers next big opportunity for improving industrial profitability and safety.

April 25, 2013

Houston, Texas, USA — April 25, 2013 —PAS, a software solutions provider, today declared themselves “The Human Reliability Company” reflecting the company’s commitment to developing products to empower the human factor at the plant facility – the operator.
Making PAS “The Human Reliability Company” represents the vision of PAS CEO and Founder, Eddie Habibi, and was revealed at the PAS Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.
In his keynote address, Habibi noted the increasingly advanced complexity and interdependency of the systems necessary to run a process plant, and pointed out that the most common cause of accidents now is not failure of the automation system or plant equipment but rather human error.
“Human Reliability is the practice and process of preventing human error,” Habibi said, “and Situation Awareness is the embodiment of Human Reliability.”
“The time has come to focus on preventing human error,” Habibi said. “The goal is to address human reliability with the same vigor as asset reliability.  Think of it this way: a pump failure is to asset reliability as human error is to human reliability.  Preventing human error requires focus on the human element.”
Habibi noted that our cultures and our plant operations have been all about “faster, better, more.” Human Reliability, he said, “is the next big opportunity for improved ROI, but we need to do it  faster, better, more…and safer,” he said.
PAS’ development of the Automation Genome™ and its products such as Integrity™ and PlantState™ Suite help simplify access to critical information and the management of the industrial automation infrastructure. PAS’ technology vision supports the movement toward Human Reliability by focusing on Situation Awareness for the plant operator, engineer, and maintenance and production staffs.
“Improving Human Reliability maximizes profitability and safety,” Habibi said.

About PAS
PAS specializes in human reliability software solutions for the power and process plants worldwide to enhance plant safety, compliance and profitability by providing essential information within context to allow the plant operator maximum situation awareness and reduce plant vulnerabilities. PAS’ comprehensive portfolio solutions include alarm management, automation configuration management, control loop performance optimization, and high-performance human machine interfaces. PAS solutions are installed in over 1000 industrial plants worldwide. For more information, visit