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Integrity iMOC

Undocumented and unapproved changes to automation systems have been identified as contributing factors to a number of process industry incidents and accidents. With the advent of new viruses that affect the interaction of control systems with the process, ensuring that all automation configuration changes are detected and reconciled to approved Management Of Change (MOC) cases is an essential element of control system security.

Automation in today’s plants contains an astronomical amount of data from disparate systems, measurements, and applications, which is continually changing as improvements are made in the plant. Since automation systems directly control the process, improper changes to them can have a tremendous negative impact upon the plant’s safety, profitability, and compliance. As such, it is essential to rigorously manage all changes made to plant automation systems.

An Intelligent MOC Solution
A universal concern with MOC systems in use today is that they are time-consuming and costly as they are either implemented using paper-based forms, or electronic versions of paper forms. With these systems, simple tasks, such as gathering approvals, can be very time consuming.

Integrity iMOC™ is an intelligent management of change solution specifically designed for automation systems. As an Integrity-enabled application, it takes full advantage of PAS’ Integrity ™ software and provides the following capabilities:

  • Minimizes search for information and analysis time by automatically creating an up-to-date documentation package at the start of an MOC case
  • Accurately tracks configuration changes for over 50 different automation systems and their Microsoft® Windows-based servers
  • Expedites the MOC workflow by automatically routing approval requests to appropriate approvers and following up
  • Detects and reports unauthorized changes made to automation systems
  • Provides automatic reconciliation of changes with approved MOC cases
Learn more by downloading the Integrity iMOC cutsheet

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