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Did you know that two-thirds of the control loops at a plant are not functioning properly? Or as per design? Roughly, 10% - 30% of loops are in manual mode, and 25% - 50% of operator actions are operators making manual adjustments to them. This can lead to abnormal situations and system instability, which adversely affects process safety, efficiency, and profitability.

TuneWizard is a software solution to optimize control loop performance using a comprehensive approach by thoroughly assessing various control elements. It identifies the origins of poor control loop performance and facilitates their remediation.
TuneWizard assesses the following control loop components:
  • Process (nonlinearity and variability)
  • Control elements (valves and measuring devices)
  • Control objectives
  • Controller type and tuning methodology
  • Closed loop performance evaluation (set point response, disturbance rejection)
  • Closed loop system robustness
TuneWizard provides the essentials for control loop optimization by calculating optimal PID controller and filter settings, therefore eliminating the guesswork out of tuning.

TuneWizard allows you to:
  • Highlight control valve deficiencies to root out the cause of poor performance
  • Minimize time-consuming trial and error tuning
  • Tune for long-term performance; set-point response and disturbance rejection
  • Balance control performance and robustness
  • Test new controller settings with simulations before making changes to the real process
  • Document work for future reference
TuneWizard is FREE
That's right, you can download the full version of TuneWizard for FREE to use. We believe that PID control loops play a critical role in plant safety and therefore, we want to provide the industry a solution to ensure their PID controllers are performing as they should without any cost. Download Now.

PAS can provide technical support, product support, and receive enhancement requests for your organization by subscribing to the PAS Product Support Program. For more information contact us.

For questions about TuneWizard, please email sales@pas.com or contact us.

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