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How Close are you to your Plant's Operating Limits?

Operators are challenged with running multi-million dollar facilities in an overwhelming environment. It is common for operators not to have easy access to equipment design limits, process design limits, operational boundaries, and normal and optimal operating zones. Operators have to often rely on safety instrumented systems (SIS) as a fail-safe for avoiding equipment, environmental, or albeit safety incidents.

In many instances, the normal operating envelope for a unit/controller or the optimal operating zone are known and documented in a log book or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Safe operating limit information is not readily available to operators, as they are maintained by various groups within the facility. Additionally, some processes have dynamic safe operating limits that are continually changing, which is challenging for plant operators to manage.

The consequences of not knowing the safety and compliance envelopes, such as entering a set point change outside of the limits, could trigger a chain of unintended events.

With easy access to design limits and operating limits, the operator’s situation awareness is enhanced, allowing him to make the most informed decision.

This webinar will address the concept and development of operational boundary constraints, their hierarchy, and the technologies available to manage and assure consistent boundary values.     
  • Challenges in the industry for managing Operational Boundaries
    • Process Alarms
    • Safety Instrumented Trip Points
    • Mechanical Design Limits
    • Environmental Trip Points
    • Normal Operating Zones
    • Safe operating Envelopes
  • Common practices for handling operational boundaries
  • Industry examples of process constraints
  • Solutions for managing operational boundaries

The dates and times for the upcoming "How Close are you to your Plant's Operating Limits?" webinars are as follows:


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