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"Value of Integrating Integrity and PSS" Webinar on July 14, 2010 at 8:00 am CDT

As a user of PlantState Suite, you are keenly aware of how automation systems impact the plant’s safety, economic throughput, environmental compliance, and equipment protection. Each system contains a unique and complex collection of tags, programs, databases, and user interfaces that are similar to the information encoded in the DNA of natural organisms. However, unlike natural organisms, automation genomes evolve daily and the data from one automation system often propagates to others through integration. The term Automation Genome™ describes the collective configurations within and among all automation systems in a plant.

PAS recently released its latest version of its Integrity™ software, which is a comprehensive enterprise application for mapping the Automation Genome of industrial plants. It aggregates and contextualizes the configuration databases, programs, and user interfaces, and simplifies the visualization and the management of information in automation systems.

Now, PAS’ Integrity software has the additional benefit of integrating with its PlantState Suite application, allowing for the comprehensive management of your alarm systems, control loops, and the multiple, disparate automation systems. Imagine having all of the control systems information, including tuning, ranges, trip points & priorities, and control strategies, at the time of a Process Hazard Analysis or Documentation & Rationalization project.

Attend an upcoming 30-minute webinar to find out more on how PAS’ Integrity Software can help you manage the configurations of your automation systems and how it integrates with Plantstate Suite. Fill out the form below to register.

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